When You Need to Get a Filling

When we go to our regular dental visits, we know that not only will we get a nice deep cleaning, but we will also find out if our dental hygiene habits are keeping our smile healthy and bright. When we find out that we have developed a cavity, we have to take a moment to realize what we are doing and how we can prevent it from happening in the future. This will also require a filling.

Traditional fillings were typically made of metal – usually an amalgam of tin, zinc, copper, and silver. Mixed together and placed into the cavities left after dentists removed decay, these fillings could last for a very long time – often 30 to 40 years – without further maintenance.

However, things have changed in recent years and the metal filling is no longer required. While traditional metal amalgam is still an option for back teeth due to its low cost and durability, but for more visible areas, many dentists favor composite resin – a mixture of synthetic materials such as plastic and fine glass particles. Composite resin is more expensive and requires more effort, but they can very closely match the look and feel of your natural teeth, making it a discreet option. There is also the glass ionomer – an acrylic resin. Glass ionomer is set with a bright blue light, which seals the resin and permanently bonds it to your teeth.

So, if you need a filling, know that you have options. If you’re curious about which your dentist will use, ask your dentist questions – they’ll be more than happy to explain which they’re using, and why they’ve selected that option.

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