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What Is a Tooth? | Oak Lawn Dentist

They help us stay fed and make our photos look great. We may not always treat them the nicest, but all 32 of them love us nonetheless. Yes, our teeth are not only giving us a pretty smile, but they also are the first line of defense with our overall health. But have you ever stopped to think – what is a tooth anyway? Let’s take a look…

The visible surface of the tooth is known as enamel. A hard, mineral surface, the enamel is typically light yellow to white in color, but is semi translucent, so the actual color of your tooth is determined by both the enamel and the underlying dentin.

While enamel covers to outside of the tooth above the gum line, below the gum line the surface of the tooth is covered in a substance known as cementum. The primary purpose of cementum is to provide a surface to allow the periodontal ligaments in the gums to hold onto the tooth.

Below the enamel and cementum lies the dentin. Dentin is what is prone to decay, and severe cavities can cause significant dental problems if not treated rapidly.

Finally, within the dentin lies the tooth pulp. The pulp is soft tissue, filled with blood vessels and nerves that provide the tooth with oxygen, nutrients, and also the ability to transmit ‘senses’ such as temperature, pain, and pressure. The pulp also helps to form and repair dentin from within the tooth.

As you can see teeth are awesome little structures that deserve proper upkeep, regular cleanings and check-ups. You don’t have to brush all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep.

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