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There Is No Need to Panic When You Chip a Tooth | Oak Lawn Dentist

The saying holds true – accidents happen. And when they do, there is no cause for alarm. However, there is little more frustrating than chipping a tooth. Not only is it unappealing, but it could lead to future dental issues. A broken tooth will also be exposed to things that can cause more issues, like bacteria. Regardless of the reason, when you chip a tooth, it’s definitely time to visit the dentist.

If your chipped tooth is a typical case, your dentist can repair minor chips with a dental bonding. For larger chips, could lead to structure loss in the tooth and a more complicated remedy may be required, such as a root canal or dental crown.

Unfortunately, many patients will forgo getting a chipped tooth repaired if it doesn’t make a huge difference or cause a toothache. However, when a cracked tooth goes unchecked you’re opening your mouth up to the risk of developing an abscess. What is an abscess? When a break (or cavity) in a tooth exposes a nerve, the nerve then eventually dies and causes the cells inside of the tissue to die and release their contents. This creates a backup of gases and purulent exudate, something more commonly known as pus. Left untreated, this could lead to the loss of the tooth in its entirety, not to mention severe pain, cost and time off from work.

A chipped or broken tooth may not hurt but it can potentially be a big problem. If you notice you’re your tooth is broken, make it a point to see a dentist as soon as possible.

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