A Night Guard Can Help You Get Some Sleep | Oak Lawn Dentist

Bruxism, or night time teeth grinding is a very common habit that can also be very destructive to your teeth and gums. Although it’s a good thing that night guards are there to help, as these custom-made oral appliances can help teeth from getting damaged or chipped from the constant grinding. While helpful, night guards need proper care and attention to make sure that you don’t just end up trading one dental problem for another.

Here are some essential night guard care tips that should come in handy:

Brush your night guard. Whenever you take out your night guard in the morning, brush it as you would your teeth. Preferably, use a different, soft toothbrush and a liquid antibacterial soap.

Use the case and keep it clean. You should always clean the storage case for your mouth guard as well. Use liquid antibacterial soap and feel free to use hot water this time around, as it won’t ruin the case in any way.

Take care of your teeth. Before you even think about putting your night guard in your mouth, make sure that you have brushed and floss first.

Have your night guard checked at your dental appointments. Every time you visit your dentist for regular exams and cleanings, be sure that you have your night guard with you so the dentist can examine it for wear and tear, as well as clean it. Although very durable, these oral appliances are not invincible and will need to be pleased eventually.

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