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Is Chipping a Tooth Really That Big of a Deal? | Oak Lawn, Il Dentist

It can be so frustrating to chip a tooth. Perhaps you sustained an injury or maybe bit in to that hard candy at just the right time. Fortunately for you, your dentist has an easy fix.

When you chip a tooth is it important to see your dentist right away for restoration. If you don’t you could risk more damage to the tooth or even lose it entirely. A broken tooth can also be exposed to all sorts of things, specifically bacteria. Bacteria and an open tooth do not mix.

Your dentist can usually repair minor chips with a dental bonding. For larger chips, however, you could have experienced structure loss in the tooth and a more complicated remedy may be required, such as a root canal or crown.

What can cause a tooth to chip or break? Any number of things, including:

  • Falling and hitting your mouth
  • Biting on a hard object or food, such as a hard candy or a bone
  • Cavities which can weaken the teeth and predispose you to a chipped tooth
  • Suffering trauma to the face from a sports injury or accident(

In some cases an abscess can form. When a cracked tooth goes unchecked you’re opening your mouth up to the risk of developing an abscess. What is an abscess? Well, when a break (or cavity) in a tooth exposes a nerve, the nerve then eventually dies and causes the cells inside of the tissue to die and release their contents. This creates a backup of gases and purulent exudate, you may known as pus. Gross! Left untreated this could lead to the loss of the tooth in its entirety. Not to mention severe pain and cost.

Watch this short video from ‘The Doctors’ to learn why it is imperative to see your dentist immediately if you’ve broken a tooth: (YouTube)

A chipped or broken tooth may not hurt but it can potentially be a big problem. Always have your dentist inspect a fractured tooth.

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Teeth Whitening | Oak Lawn, Il Dentist

Every day you see commercials for teeth whitening products, toothpastes, kits, whitening rinses. Or you see all the celebrities with seemingly unobtainable bright white smiles. If you desire those same white teeth, you’re in luck!

We’re all familiar with the idea of teeth whitening. Many brands of toothpaste claim to whiten teeth, and stores sell all varieties of tooth whitening products – trays, gels, strips, and rinses – over the counter.

The most basic form of teeth whitening is available as toothpaste – toothpaste, whether it’s labeled as whitening or not – typically contains small abrasive components that gently polish the surface of your teeth, removing discoloration caused by surface staining.

Other over the counter whitening products typically contain a bleaching agent – such as hydrogen peroxide – to lighten the color of your teeth by chemically bleaching them.  By applying the bleaching chemical to strips or trays, the peroxide can stay in contact with your teeth for 30 minutes at a time, often twice a day, providing quite a bit of whitening benefit.

Your dentist, however, can typically offer two different whitening options. The first is take-home tray based, using chemicals stronger than over-the-counter trays, but working on the same basic principle. Often times dentist provided trays are custom-molded to the patients teeth, providing a smooth, comfortable fit suitable for wearing for multiple hours each day – often even overnight.  Beyond the trays, dentists can often perform whitening in the office, using light and heat activated bleaching chemicals, providing a significant whitening in as little as 60 minutes. Because the procedure is supervised by a dentist, much stronger chemicals can be used, and much more dramatic results can be seen almost immediately.

No matter which method of teeth whitening you choose, the results will likely not be permanent. Your teeth are exposed to foods and drinks that will stain them over time, but your dentist can advise you on the proper procedure for repeating the whitening process at regular intervals. Dr. Bartz is here to guide you on your options for personalized optimal results.

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