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Routine checkups and proper oral hygiene are designed to help patients maintain as many of their natural teeth as possible. If minor tooth decay were to occur, and caught early enough, will be treated with a quick filling. Unfortunately, some patients will find that simple fillings aren’t sufficient. Despite the cause, if severe tooth decay has developed, or a tooth breaks, dentists will occasionally need to recommend procedures involving dental crowns.

Dental crowns are synthetic caps placed on top of the tooth. They’re frequently recommended the tooth root and base is mostly intact, but a significant portion of the top of the tooth is removed. In cases of severe decay, simple fillings are insufficient. In these cases, the dentist will likely recommend a root canal, where the nerve-rich pulp is removed from the center of the tooth. Following the root canal, the removed material is replaced with synthetic resin, and capped with a dental crown.

Dental crowns may also be used when teeth are damaged, but the root structure remains sound. A crown may be used to hold the remaining part of the tooth intact and prevent further fractures. In addition, they’re typically less expensive than implants, and provide a strong, durable, but natural looking replacement for the normal tooth surface. While crowns are considered low-risk and have a high success rate, they do typically involve removing a significant amount of natural tooth material, so they are considered irreversible – once you have a crown installed, you will always need a crown on that tooth.

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Types of Dental Fillings | Oak Lawn, Il Dentist

ThinkstockPhotos-464323669Dentistry has changed significantly in the past few decades. As technology improves, dentists are able to take advantage of advances in techniques and materials to provide better solutions for their patients. One of the most common dental procedures is a simple filling, and even those have benefited from advances in dental technology.

Traditional fillings were typically made of metal – usually an amalgam of tin, zinc, copper, and silver. Mixed together and placed into the cavities left after dentists removed decay, these fillings could last for a very long time – often 30 to 40 years – without further maintenance.

Modern dentists have far more flexibility in their choice of materials to use to fill cavities. While traditional metal amalgam is still an option for back teeth – where its low cost and high durability make it a viable option, many dentists favor composite resin – a mixture of synthetic materials such as plastic and fine glass particles. While composite resin is more expensive and requires more effort for the dentist to properly install, composite fillings can very closely match the look and feel of your natural teeth, allowing its use for front teeth and in places where traditional fillings may be too visible.

In many cases, dentists may use glass ionomer – an acrylic resin. Glass ionomer is set with a bright blue light, which seals the resin and permanently bonds it to your teeth.

If you’re in need of dental work, it’s likely that your dentist will choose one or more of the types of fillings above. If you’re curious about which your dentist will use, ask your dentist questions – they’ll be more than happy to explain which they’re using, and why they’ve selected that option.

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